Two nicely designed navigation menus

I stumbled on two nice navigation menus:

First is on the <a href="“>No WWW site. I like how the designer took the common visitor into account. A menu like this one would not work on a “regular” page with non-technical audience. However, as most of the site’s visitors definitely know HTML, the designer could and did use it in the menu. Very clever. The result is a attractive menu appealing to any web developer.

The second one is the top menu on It uses the jQuery Lavalamp plugin. If you look at the plugin’s demo page, you can tell the demos are designed by a programmer – they are aweful, but they show what the plugin can do. Luckily, the designer of Horsepigcow has a good taste and used the plugin to it’s full potential. The result is fun and aesthetic navigation menu. The only fault I can point out is that there’s no visual feedback for the current page.

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