FIO bank usability fail

Recently, I opened an account at FIO bank because they offer free money transfers between the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Amongst the usual questions asked, the clerk also asked my three unexpected ones regarding e-banking authorization.

The authorization is done by a randomly generated code which is sent to you as an SMS. Standard stuff, all banks I have experience with do it this way and you don’t even think about it when opening a bank account. However, with FIO you have to, because they ask you:

  1. What length should the authorization code be, between 5 and 25 characters.
  2. How many attempts do you want have when entering the code, min 1, max 5.
  3. How long should the code be valid when sent, max 20 minutes.

Why do you ask me this, FIO? Why do you make me think? Just pick a reasonable default and that’s it. Don’t bug me with this. Thank you. Good bye.

2 thoughts on “FIO bank usability fail

  1. No, I am with them, because I need those cheap transfers, but that’s <br/>all. I won’t use that account for anything else.

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