Introducing Myngo: A web admin for MongoDB

Myngo is a web administration interface for MongoDB. It is written in
Python, runs on Tornado and uses jQuery on the front-end. It is a
fresh, new project so there’s no package yet. If you want to try it
out follow the instructions.

So far, Myngo can display a list of available databases, collections
and some server info. You can also do some actions with the DBs and
collections. Check the screenshots for more details.


There’s a lot of features in plan for Myngo, the most significant being:
* querying (or an interactive console)
* user auth and permission system
* slick UI
* some kind of test suite

I hope you’ll like what you see. Please report bugs and feature
requests to the project’s bug tracker or directly to me. I’ll also
gladly appreciate any kind of help (especially with design and layout)
so feel free to fork and hack away.

If you find Myngo valuable, please consider donating so I can spend
more time improving it.