Not Pixel Perfect Yet

Not Pixel Perfect Yet is a group of talented Czech graphic designers, usability experts and information architects with a common goal – to help improve the quality of your web. The cool thing about it is, they will do it for free. Where’s the catch, you ask? The critique of your web and design recommendations will be published on the NPPY Facebook page, so others can learn from it and engage in the conversation. That’s all.

Who is NPPY?

The mastermind behind the project is Nikol Kokešová, but she has an army of people to help out:

Check out samples of their portfolios in the Photo section. To spy on their daily updates, follow them on the NPPY Twitter list.

How to apply?

It’s easy. Just send an email to with an URL or a screenshot of your project and add what areas (graphics, UI, IA) should they review. Only one project gets picked every week so apply now. Don’t mind that Not Pixel Perfect Yet Facebook page is written in Czech. They are open to foreign projects and are capable of communicating in English.

Not Pixel Perfect Yet is a great way to get valuable insights on your web from professionals. Don’t hesitate to utilize it.

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