Gameification of life and the Gamepocalypse

A brilliant talk by Jesse Schell about how the world transforms into game and how this leads to the Gamepocalypse. It’s almost 2 hours long (skip the first 7 minutes), but definitely worth watching even if you’re not really interested in games. Jesse presents a his vision of the “gameified” future and what steps are necessary to get there. It’s not fiction as some of it is happening right now.

How to turn off Facebook instant personalisation

As you may have heard, Bing and Facebook are friends now. If you don’t like the fact that Facebook is selling your data to Bing, you can turn it off. Here’s how.

Go to the Privacy section in Settings. In the bottom left corner, click to edit the Application and websites settings. On the next page, you’ll see Instant personalisation section, click the big fat “Edit settings” button. Next, uncheck the “Enable instant personalisation on partner websites”. The checkbox may be inactive for now; that’s a sign instant personalisation has not yet been enabled for your account (as is my case). However note, that it is on by default, so when the feature will be available to you, all partner sites will have access to your data. I don’t like that, Facebook.



What happens when a couple of people passionate about web startups go out for a beer and brainstorm ideas? Well, it depends on the amount of beer and, apparently, if you have Dave Ruzius with you. Couple of other WebExpo folks and me were lucky enough to be in this constellation last week, after we abandoned the afterparty searching for a better meal. We ended up in Potrefena Husa (try the burger) and came up with these ideas:

iSmuggle – a service that pairs people looking to buy presumably illegal stuff from foreign countries with travellers, who can smuggle it to them

Got Satisfaction – a customer feedback system for people who pay for sex (customers), pimps (managers) and hoes (“service providers”)

BeatUp – a Meetup clone for rowdies and street fighters; think Fight Club meets the web

Happy coding.