New job at Wildfuse

I have recently stareted working at Wildfuse, a mobile development studio in Prague and I’m loving it. I get to work with brilliant people and latest technologies, which is awesome. We’re an international team so we communicate in English. Wildfuse has foreign (non-Czech) customers which I see as a big plus.

Our office is located in a great neighborhood; 3 of the best coffees in Prague are in 10 minutes walking distance and there are tons of great restaurants around.


(sorry for the shitty photos, blame iPod 4th gen for that)

Wildfuse develops mobile apps (iOS, Android) together with the necessary server-side stuff. We use state-of-the-art tech (Tornado, MongoDB or AWS to name a couple of my favorites) to deliver robust products. Besides customer specific applications, we have some in-house apps you’ll definitely hear about in the future.


5 thoughts on “New job at Wildfuse

  1. Good luck there and will stop by soon. Oh, sources tell me ‘the boss’ is in Paris somewhere…. So have fun playing with the big screen. Have the kinect yet?

  2. Hrax – yeah, definitely!Dave – yup, your sources are right. No Kinect yet, unfortunately, we still have to pretend we’re working.

  3. Congrats and crossed fingers Milan – and I will keep an eye on you (so in case you do once next big thing I can buy the shares for cheap 🙂

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