Flaws in Path

Yes, the new Path app is amazing. Everyone’s been going crazy about all those smart user interface tweaks that make you smile. You can read about that elsewhere. I on the other hand have some critique. So far I’ve found two flaws, both visible on this screenshot:




First, the app does not recognize and hyperlink links. Second, it does not support national characters (the word with question marks on the screenshot should be “prší”). These are relatively cheap to fix, yes, but with the attention to detail that went in, I’m surprised these bugs are present at all.

On Android market share and lack of developers

Yesterday evening, I attended For Mobile at HUB Prague. It’s a regular meeting of local mobile developers. One thing that struck me was the dominance of iOS developers amongst attendees. There were almost none Android devs there.

This obsession with iOS is a common theme here in Czech Republic. There are various reasons for it, e.g. loud advocates, local success stories or historical lack of Android against iOS. This lead to wider iOS adoption not only by developers, but also by clients who were, sometimes mindlessly, ordering only iOS apps.

With the widespread adoption of Android, times are changing. At Wildfuse, we have clients from the Western Europe and overseas and we could see the turn already about half a year ago. It is only a matter of time when the regional media houses, advertising agencies and other institutions core to the business of local mobile studios will acknowledge the size of the Android market. I think it will come in about 3 to 6 months. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the locals will adapt to this market turn, more so with the current lack of Android devs.

If you are a developer playing with the idea of “going mobile”, we’re hiring. Non-experienced devs can learn from one of the best Android developers in the country. We’re also looking for iOS programmers. Don’t hesitate to say hello.


My DailyWeb 2011 presentation

I gave a talk at the DailyWeb 2011 conference. Here are my slides, in Slovak.

The talk was a short and fast introduction to NoSQL. It gives and overview of pros and cons of NoSQL systems and a cherry-picked summary of 4 concrete NoSQL products (MongoDB, Redis, Couchbase and Riak).

I’d like to thank the people behind DailyWeb and namely Daniela Hladíkova for inviting me to speak at this conference and for the profesional, flawless organization.