Why you should create your app for iPhone first

We have a wide range of clients and projects going on at Wildfuse at any time. If we’re builiding multiple mobile clients as a part of the same project, we always recommend to have the iOS application built first. It’s not because it’s faster or cheaper. There is one simple reason for it:

Influential people have iPhones.

By influential, I mean people who can help you. Investors, advisors, bloggers, connectors. People with a loud voice, opinion makers, passionate people who can spread the word. You will want to show them the progress you’re making first.

There’s nothing more to it. It’s simple, but it works. Stick to this rule, it will help you.

One thought on “Why you should create your app for iPhone first

  1. Hey Milan,You could also, I guess, add to this the fact that it is more easy to test a business model on iOS due to the fact that iOS users are more ready to purchase than their Android counterpart. See, I happen to read your blog sometimes :)Cheers!

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