In praise of the future

We’re living in the most exciting era of mankind. The scientific progress of the last hunderd years is just astonishing. This makes me happy.

The Internet is just a little over 20 years old but now all of man’s knowledge is available to anyone with a connection to it. Thank you Sir Tim Berners-Lee. We have autonomous cars and planes; 100 years ago, man wasn’t able to fly at all. We have built a large underground tunnel to ram particles against each other really fast and discovered the Higgs boson. We have put a nuclear powered rover on Mars.

With this amount of recent progress, can you imagine what’s waiting for us in the future? I hope for a squad of on-demand robots that will print a house according to my personal design. If I won’t be able to have a holiday in space in 30 years, I will be disappointed. Oh, and please, someone, bring back public supersonic flights.

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